Yeats College has been delivering first class HPAT courses for over a decade. In that time, we have created a comprehensive library of HPAT material to develop the skills of our students. Our course and the skills we teach have evolved to tackle the HPAT as it changes over time. We are constantly reviewing the newest exams to ensure that our students have the most up to date material available.

However, our culture of intensive learning and competition has remained constant. We encourage an environment of diligence and competition in our classrooms, allowing our students to learn together, not in isolation.

What is the HPAT?

The HPAT (Health Professionals Admissions Test) is an exam required to study medicine in Ireland. It is a three-part exam, with each section examining different skills; problem solving and data analysis, reading comprehension, and pattern recognition for sections 1, 2 and 3 respectively. All of these skills can be taught. We at Yeats College provide a full 6 months of intensive preparation for 6th years, and a full year and a half of lighter preparation for 5th years. We focus heavily on testing and the development of skills for the exam. The students are encouraged to compete against themselves and against each other in exams, while working together in the classroom to hone their skills.

All exams will be strictly supervised under official HPAT exam conditions. During the year, our prospective Medical students shall attend two 90-minute classes a week, and sit an exam every 2-3 weeks, including three original Mock exams developed by our team at Yeats College. These Mock exams and our extensive archive of sample questions have been developed over the last decade by Mathematicians, Engineers, Physicians and former HPAT students. Our students will make full use of these during their tenure at Yeats College. In December and January, we will conduct a two-day intensive revision course of the entire curriculum.

One Year HPAT Course

Yeats College offers an intensive one of a kind HPAT preparation course for first time and repeat Leaving Certificate Students. At Yeats College, we strive to ensure that all our students reach their full potential in the exam.

The HPAT skills provided are:

  1. Problem Solving
  2. Data Analysis
  3. Numerical Reasoning
  4. Vocabulary Expansion
  5. Text Analysis
  6. Reading Comprehension
  7. Speed Reading
  8. Pattern Recognition
  9. A Complete and Comprehensive Understanding of the HPAT Exam

At Yeats College, continuous assessment is a vital aspect of our curriculum. Students will be given a rank on every examination based on their performance relative to the rest of the class.

This will give a representative perspective on the abilities of the students. Parents and students will be provided their percentage and decile after each exam. The students will fully review and study the exams in class after being given their results.

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